Privacy policy

Data stored on the server is a server which provides a number of free tools and services for the users of the Bluesky / AT Protocol network. The server is operated by Jakub Suder, based in Poland. This is a third party project, not affiliated with Bluesky PBC.

In order to provide some of these services, the server records various kinds of public data from the Bluesky network, like posts and user handles. The data is loaded from the Relay firehose at and the PLC user directory at, and includes only data that was publicly shared on the protocol with the implicit intention that it will be stored and processed by various first and third party services running on the AT Protocol network.

Deleting data

The server generally processes and applies any record deletion events received from the firehose immediately, so posts that are deleted on Bluesky are also deleted from the local database when that info is broadcasted through the Relay. In some cases, “stub” references might be left in place of the post records in order to keep references from other data, containing only user DID and post rkey, but no post contents.

If you would like me to delete some or all of the data collected about your account from this server, or opt out from being listed in the Handles Directory, please contact me on Bluesky at from the account in question – I will delete your posts and other data and add the user identifier to a blacklist to make sure that no new data is recorded in the future. Contact me through the same account if you would like me to send you an archive of all collected data that references you.

Logged-in user data

Some tools running on this server may allow or require authenticating with a Bluesky/ATProto account. In such case, the login data is sent only to the approriate servers of the Bluesky network and the authentication tokens are stored only in the browser's local storage. No private data or authentication info is sent to or stored on this server's backend.

Some of the custom feeds hosted on this server might make use of the viewing user's identifier in order to return a personalized response. In such case, the identifier included in the request header is only used to generate the response, but is not stored or tracked after the response is returned.

Note: by using the services available here that make use of Bluesky APIs, you are also agreeing to Bluesky's privacy policy and terms of service.

Cookies and tracking

Cookies and local storage might be used to store the authentication data of logged-in users for the purpose of authenticating with the Bluesky servers or to store user's optional local settings. They are not used for any kind of tracking of the user on or outside of this website, analytics, or ad purposes. No third party tracking, analytics, ad, beacon, or pixel scripts are loaded on this website.

In case of any further questions, you can contact me through my Bluesky, Mastodon, or Twitter profiles, or via email at mackuba [at]

Last update: 16 Feb 2024.